Frequently Asked Questions

How can I volunteer?

Volunteering is a snap! Simply go to this form and fill in all your details.

Where are you located?

The event will be held at the South Florida Expo Center, 9067 Southern Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33411.

Hours of the event?

Aug25th, 26th, 27th
Fri - 4 to 8pm
Sat - 10 to 7
Sun - 10 to 6
*Times are EDT. After parties to be determined.

I am a vendor and I just filled out the form. How do I pay?

You can proceed to the payment page here.

Will there be any refunds?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds for ticket purchases.

Will tickets purchased at the door be extra?

Yes, unfortunately, door purchases will cost an extra $5.

Are there any costs for parking?

Parking is free this year.

Do kids get in free?

Yes! Children 10 and under are free. Each child must present their Driver's License at the door to verify age. Just kidding. Had you going there, didn't we?

Will there be any panels? And will we see a panel schedule?

Yes. We are currently both accepting submissions for panelists and booking them. A panel schedule will be posted soon.

Will there be any After-Parties?

Yes. We will announce those details when they are nailed down.

Is there a weapons policy?

Yes. No real weapons are allowed. No props that are made to look real either. Guns must have the orange tip and be distinguishable from the real thing.

Are animals allowed?

Unfortunately, only certified service animals are allowed.

Will there be free WIFI?

Unfortunately not. WIFI is available for purchase through the venue. Ultracon doesn’t handle that.

Will there be any electrical outlets available for vendors/exhibitors?

Yes, upon request. An additional fee will apply. Requests will be handled though the venue. More details to come.

What size are the booths and artist tables?

10 foot by 10 foot.

Will the vendor hall be locked and guarded at night, or will we have to break down and set up every day?

Yes, the facility will be locked and secured at night. It is highly recommended to bring a table covering to keep all things covered at night.

Is there a loading zone for vendors/exhibitors?


Are there specific hours that the loading zone is only available?

Yes. We're still determining these details.

Will the tickets be paper, plastic, will they hang from a lanyard?

We will have an answer soon on this.

Will the tickets be mailed or will I pick them up at will call?

Will Call.

Are there connecting hotel accomodations?


Questions or further clarification on the questions above should be handled through our contact form.